nehemiah fletcher

Nehemiah Fletcher is an exceptional Stone Mason. Every piece of Nehemiah's work reflects his indisputable artistic talent and fine craftsmanship. Whether it is a stone bridge, a fire place, a feature wall, paving or a sculpture, Nehemiah's attention to detail ensures the highest quality in every creation.

Nehemiah's work is in high demand because he has the ability to understand client needs and he has a passion for his work. Combine this with his Fine Arts Degree and his ancestry (Nehemiah comes from a family of Stone Masons and grew up in a quarry) and it is clear why Nehemiah's work has the edge.

Nehemiah's stone creations are influenced by his extensive experience both in Australia and in the UK, where he has worked on a wide range of corporate, heritage listed and private projects. He has also traveled extensively throughout Asia researching Stone Masonry styles and sourcing materials.

Nehemiah's work is a long standing testimony to his craftsmanship and skill, combine this with his hand picked team of talented workers and you are guaranteed a highly skilled and dedicated building process including;

  • Project Interpretation
  • Planning and designing
  • Budgeting
  • Stone sourcing and preparation
  • Construction

For a lasting impression, choose Nehemiah Fletcher's Stone Masonry.